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Deer Park is a suburban Chicago community of 3220 people, located approximately 35 miles northwest from downtown Chicago. The village boasts beautiful residential subdivisions, restaurants and boutique shops, as well as modern shopping establishments. Deer Park is suburban living at its best. Continued development provides excellent opportunities for excellent shopping and dining. Located next to the Cuba Marsh forest preserves, there are many parks and green open spaces. Deer Park Town Center in the midpoint of the business district hosts year round activities from summer concerts to art fairs, country markets and winter fireworks sponsored by the Village. One property of historic significance in Deer Park is the Vehe Barn, refurbished on its original farm site and is an Illinois Centennial Farm upon 14 acres of prairie. Most of the homes are built on one acre lots. The water source for most homes is private well. Lake Michigan water is provided in the triangle along the Rand Road corridor. Deer Park is serviced by the Lake Zurich Fire Protection District which has four stations with full-time fire fighters and paramedics. The police protection is contracted by Lake County Sheriff's Department that make Deer Park a safe place to live and work. Lake County provides us with designated sworn deputies and is synonymous with both high performance protecting all of Deer Park.

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