Phase 3 Advisory Retire Wiser Chicagoland Summit

I was thrilled to be part of Phase 3 Advisory’s Retire Wiser Chicagoland Summit in September 2021. My long-time client and friend, John Bever, invited me to be the “real estate” component of this informational virtual conference and it was a blast. We discussed a myriad of important topics. John asked me how to prepare your home to yield the highest price in today’s market, what to do when shopping for homes in another state, the costs of selling and buying, when to plan key activities as you cruise towards retirement, and lots more. Attendance was strong and I love hearing from viewers who want to dig deeper into how to maximize this exciting phase of life. Special thanks to John Bever, Crystal Winters, and Jim Uren who masterminded this powerful event for their clients and prospective clients. I wish you continued success!

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