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As Illinois’ oldest historic district, Long Grove has stood the test of time and persevered. Long Grove is an island amidst a vast ocean of suburbia. A quaint place to breathe easy, where historic architecture and colorful storefronts give way to a unique variety of shopping, dining and entertainment options. With its downtown having recently been restored, Long Grove now mixes timeless charm with today’s modern conveniences such as new roads, sidewalks and lighting so that future generations can enjoy this special destination. We would like to share with you the story of our famed Long Grove Covered Bridge As one of the last iron trusses in The Chicago area, the single-lane Covered Bridge is so iconic, it’s quite literally become Long Grove’s emblem. For over 100 years, the bridge has stood as the symbol of this crossroads town, one of the first in the country to pass a Historic Landmark Ordinance (in 1962) so that new construction need conform to its unique and charming style. The Covered Bridge has transcended its historical role as a functional necessity and a tourist attraction into something of far greater significance – the Queen and Protector of this special place we call Long Grove just 35 miles NW of Chicago. As the gateway to the historic downtown, the Covered Bridge is where Long Grove’s quaintness begins and ends. Not only does the single-lane bridge buffer the town from being a major thoroughfare to Route 53, but there’s also something enchanting about waiting at a stop sign while the car opposite of you slowly passes over the bridge before your turn.

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